What is Epsilon?

Epsilon Is organized by STEM, a student society at Alpha College. The event is a 3-day Science Olympiad themed on cosmology with fun modules for everyone!

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linguistics: fifth letter of the greek alphabet

astronomy: eclipsing binary star

in Pakistan: the best inter-school science olympiad, held in Alpha College

Creative Growth

It is the ultimate battle of wits, you get an opportunity to sharpen your inventive skills and compete with the sharpest amongest your age group

Practical Approach

An opportunity to learn more about your hobbies like coding and robotics. It is a vital chance to put use of your learned skills or discover a new passion

Evaluative Growth

The practical layout of our modules brings out the critical thinking skills dormant in our participants

Our Modules

Area 51—much like the real Area 51— is Epsilon's very own mystery module. Participants will remain unaware of what they will have to face in this module until the very end. Will you need to pass through an intricate maze?

Cicada 3301 is Epsilon's Crime Investigation module. In this module, the participants will be given a specific crime scene layout, they will be given certain clues and hints through those crime scene scenarios. The participants will have to analyse and decode the clues they will find and channel their inner sleuths, to bring to justice, the culprit.

Cerebral Labyrinth is the trivia module of Epsilon. Participants will be examined regarding how much information they have about various fields. Their common knowledge about multiple topics will be put to the test with mind boggling questions!

Escherian Stairwell is the construction module of Epsilon. This module will push you to your creativity's deep end, testing your innate ability to think on the go, your creativity, and of course, your understanding of Physics.

Euclid's Element is the Mathematics module of Epsilon. If math to you is no more than calculus or algebra on a paper, this module will change your mind. It challenges your mathematical skills in an exuberant and interactive way, testing you in a way your usual standardized tests never could.

Sceptical Chymist is Epsilon's Chemistry module. If you are fascinated by the world of chemicals or enjoy watching reactions taking place, this module is for you. Making complex chromatograms, performing basic electrolysis, and analysing the qualities of a plethora of compounds are just some of the things you can do in this module.

Autocode is Epsilon's Computer Science module. Our tasks are centered around elements of programming, providing participants with enigmatic puzzles comprised of multiple layers. Participants must use their creativity and problem-solving skills to tackle intricate problems

Robosonic is Epsilon's Robotics module. Participants must make use of their brainpower and creativity, combining that with their strong grasp of physics and maths, they will have to construct a versatile automaton.

Carson's Conundrum is Epsilon's Biology module, being centered around the phenomenon of life; playing around with DNA and coming up with diagnosis from symptoms are just some of the things you will have to do in this module.

Voltaic is the electronics module of Epsilon. From a light bulb made in the 19th century, we have undoubtedly advanced a great deal in the craft of electronics.

Psychosphere is the psychology module of Epsilon. From the behavioural model to the multiple theories of the psychodynamic model, participants will be assessed based on the material they know of the world of psychology.

Meet Our Organizing Team!

Abdullah Ahmed


Syed Askari




Umer Siddiqui


Imsha Rehman


Hassan Shahzad


Maaz Badi


Shayyan Qazi


Mahad Jawed

Assistant Director Modules

Muniba Abrar


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